Tips for Reader if come to Bali Island

It is information that may be useful to the reader, I will try to give you some tips if the reader holiday to Bali.


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2. Nyepi Day  or Silent Day

If readers want a holiday to Bali, there are things you should you know, that, in the month of March every year so there will be a very   big holiday in Bali are on call  Nyepi Day  or Silent Day. On this feast of Hindus in Bali will make Catur Brata Penyepian . In accordance with the essence of Nyepi on the Hindus must do penance, yoga, and meditation. Brata was supported by Empat Brata Nyepi as follows:
(1).Amati Agni ( Observe Agni) , do not start a fire and do not inflame the passions,
(2).Amati Karya ( Observe the work), that is not doing physical work, but rather increases the activity of spiritual cleansing,
(3). Amati Lelungan (Observe Lelungan), but traveling is not introspective,
(4).Amati Lelanguan ( Observe lelanguan ), which is fun but do not stir concentration of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. Brata was started when the sun “Prabata” the crack of dawn until dawn the next day (24) hours.


3. Airport Embarkation Tax

Airport Tax is levied on passengers as follows:
A. International flights departing from :

  •  CGK, DPS, SUB: IDR 150,000.-;
  •  BTJ: IDR 115,000.-;
  •  HLP: IDR 80.000.-;
  •  AMQ, BIK, BPN, BTH, JOG, LOP, MDC, MES, SOC, TIM, UPG: IDR 75,000.-;
  •  BDO, PDG, PKU, PLM, PNK: IDR 60,000.-;
  •  KOE, TNJ: IDR 50,000.-;

B. Domestic flights departing from :

  •   CGK: IDR 40,000.-
  •   DPS: IDR 30,000.-;
  •   all other airports vary from IDR 13,000.- to IDR to 30,000.-.

Place of payment : Airport of departure.

1. Children under 2 years, provided not occupying a seat in the aircraft.
2. Transit passengers in possession of through tickets and continuing their journey the same day (not applicable in Jakarta unless passengers stay within customs area/ transit room).
3. Officials on duty – with a travel order – of the Directorate General of Air Communications.
4. Official guests of the Indonesian government.
5. Crew members.


4.  Galungan and Kuningan

The word Galungan”derives from the Old Javanese language, which means win or fight. Galungan also synonymous with Dungulan, which also means victory. Therefore, in Java, the eleventh wuku called Wuku Galungan, while in Bali eleventh wuku called Wuku Dungulan. Name is different, but the meaning is the same. As in Java in the details there as Legi pancawara while in Bali called Umanis, which means the same: sweet.
Galungan is also a Hindu religious ceremony to remind people ritually and spiritually in order to always win the Goddess Sampad to uphold dharma against adharma . In ejection Sunarigama , Galungan and details of the ceremony are described in detail . Regarding the meaning of Galungan in ejection Sunarigama described as follows :
Buddhist POND Dungulan Ngaran Galungan patitis Ikang janyana samadhi , hose apadang maryakena sarwa eyelash byapaning
meaning :
Wednesday POND Dungulan name Galungan , point air- only spiritual light in order to get a view to eliminating any clutter the mind .
Thus , the core Galungan is to unite in order to gain spiritual strength and the establishment of the brightest minds . Spiritual union and bright minds here in the form of dharma . While all that clutter your mind ( byaparaning eyelash ) is a form of adharma .
From conception ejection Sunarigama this is the conclusion that the nature of Galungan is celebrated the triumph of dharma against adharma .