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Bali Car Charter

Comfortable Bali Tour New Vehicle Bali Car Charter Our full air-conditioning transfer is outstanding offer the comfortable during your tours.

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Bali Spa Treatment


Bali Massage

Bali Massage


Price :
USD $ 40 per person, minimum 2 people.
More 3 People get 10% Discount

Including :

  • Spa Treatment
  • Pick up and drop off with fully air-conditioner car




  • Relaxing Aromatherapy massage

Based on traditional relaxation massage, combined with shiatsu and swedish techniques and lomi-lomi to rejuvenate your body, spirit and mind with pure blended essential oils applied to the body and massaged through your skin. While enriching the skin you will obtain a physical relief, clear mind and induce relaxation.

  • Slimming massage

This body treatment is using slimming oil applied to all parts of your body. The isometric massage stimulates the blood and lymph flow, improving circulation. At the same time it softens the subcutaneous fat and then flushes it out of the body via the usual elimination channels. It is a natural, safe and painless method of enhancing your figure.

  • Warm stone massage

The healing power of stone touch combines with the energy of the earth in this relaxing, muscles melting massage. Smooth, warmed rocks glide across your body in long, flowing stroke. The head helps to relax the muscles and has a sooting effect on your emotions. Simultaneously, rocks are placed on the body’s various energy points to encourage the body’s healing potential.

  • Hair Treatment Cream bath

A popular treatment in Indonesia to loose tension on your shoulder and head as well as eliminate stress after your daily activities. It could fertilize and soften your hair. This treatment taken 1 hour.