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Bali Car Charter

Comfortable Bali Tour New Vehicle Bali Car Charter Our full air-conditioning transfer is outstanding offer the comfortable during your tours.

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                                              Well Come in Bali

Om Swastiastu

My name is Putu Widiasa, or  can call me Widi, who was born in Bali on 1975, I‘ve become Tour Driver is approximately 17 years, this is our web Bali Private Tours, I was born in the city of Singaraja, which is located in the city north of the island of Bali, in the place of my birth, many interesting sights, such as Dolphins, Hot Spring, waterfalls and mountain views of is also very interesting to visit.   I was a driver who can speak English, as well as the Tour Organizer I like the beach party, wedding party or other event. If you want to use my services, you can contact me on

Mobile Phone : +62 81 856 4995

Email : info@baliwiditours.com

Email : putuwidi_bali@yahoo.com

: wwddoell@yahoo.com

Thank you for your time and attention, may God Ida Sang Yang Widhi Wasa  bless us all.

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Om Santi, Santi,Santi Om